Definition of tramcar Pronunciation
1. A streetcar.
2. A rail vehicle for carrying loads in a mine; a tram.
We arrived at level 15 where we piled into a battery powered tramcar for a ten minute ride to the section of the mine we would be visiting. Packed into the tram we realized why the gigantic cooling and ventilation systems on the surface pumps 550 cubic meters of air into the mine each second.
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English - Spanish - tramcar Pronunciation
English - French - tramcar Pronunciation
n. tramway, berline, benne roulante
English - German - tramcar Pronunciation
n. straßenbahnwagen (m), straßenbahn (f)
English - Indonesian - tramcar Pronunciation
n. wagon trem
English - Italian - tramcar Pronunciation
English - Polish - tramcar Pronunciation
n. wagon {pot.}, tramwaj
English - Portuguese - tramcar Pronunciation
[mineralogia] s. vagonete (de mina), m.
English - Romanian - tramcar Pronunciation
n. tramvai
English - Russian - tramcar Pronunciation
с. трамвай
English - Turkish - tramcar Pronunciation
i. tramvay vagonu, tramvay
English - Ukrainian - tramcar Pronunciation
n. трамвайний вагон
English - Dutch - tramcar Pronunciation
zn. tramwagen
English - Greek - tramcar Pronunciation
ουσ. κάρρον τροχιοδρόμου, τραμ
English - Arabic - tramcar Pronunciation
‏عربة ترام، شاحنة في نجم‏
English - Chinese - tramcar Pronunciation
n. 电车 (dıan4 che1)
English - Chinese - tramcar Pronunciation
n. 電車 (dıan4 che1)
English - Hindi - tramcar Pronunciation
n. ट्राम-गाड़ी
English - Korean - tramcar Pronunciation
명. 시가 전차, 광차
English - Vietnamese - tramcar Pronunciation
n. xe điện

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