n. changing shape; complete change
n. transformation, changing shape
n. transformation, processing, alteration, conversion
English - Spanish - transformation Pronunciation
s. transformación, cambio, cambio marcado, conversión, trasformación; metamorfosis, mutación, transfiguración, transformamiento
English - French - transformation Pronunciation
n. transformation
English - German - transformation Pronunciation
n. Umformung; Umwandlung; Transformation
English - Italian - transformation Pronunciation
s. trasformazione, mutamento, cambiamento; mutamento radicale, metamorfosi
English - Portuguese - transformation Pronunciation
s. transformação, mudança de forma
English - Russian - transformation Pronunciation
с. преобразование, превращение, трансформация, преображение, женский парик, метаморфоза
English - Turkish - transformation Pronunciation
i. dönüşüm, dönüştürme, transformasyon, şekil değiştirme, voltaj değişikliği
French - English - transformation Pronunciation
(f) n. transformation, processing, alteration, conversion
German - English - transformation Pronunciation
n. transformation
English - Albanian - transformation Pronunciation
n. shndërrim, kthim, transformim, parukë
English - Dutch - transformation Pronunciation
zn. transformatie, omzetting
English - Greek - transformation Pronunciation
ουσ. μεταμόρφωση, μεταλλαγή, μετασχηματισμός
French - Spanish - transformation Pronunciation
(changement) transformación (f)
German - Spanish - transformation Pronunciation
n. transformación (f)
French - German - transformation Pronunciation
n. veränderung, änderung, umänderung, abänderung, umwandlung, verwandlung, abwechslung, metamorphose, transformation, verarbeitung, wandel
French - Italian - transformation Pronunciation
(changement) trasformazione (f)
French - Portuguese - transformation Pronunciation
(changement) transformação (f)
French - Russian - transformation Pronunciation
n. трансформация (f), преобразование (f), превращение (f), переход (f), перемена (f), передел (тех.) (f), обработка (давлением) (тех.) (f)
French - Turkish - transformation Pronunciation
[la] şekil değişimi, dönüşüm; biçim değiştirme
German - French - transformation Pronunciation
n. transformation (f)
German - Italian - transformation Pronunciation
n. trasformazione (f)
German - Russian - transformation Pronunciation
n. трансформация (f), преобразование (f)
German - Turkish - transformation Pronunciation
i. biçim değişimi (f), dönüşüm (f), denşirim (f)
French - Dutch - transformation Pronunciation
(changement) transformatie (f)
English - Chinese - transformation Pronunciation
(名) 变化; 改适; 转化
English - Chinese - transformation Pronunciation
(名) 變化; 改適; 轉化
English - Japanese - transformation Pronunciation
(名) 変形; 変態; 変圧
English - Korean - transformation Pronunciation
명. 변형
German - Chinese - transformation Pronunciation
noun: the act of changing in form or shape or appearance
noun: (genetics) modification of a cell or bacterium by the uptake and incorporation of exogenous DNA
noun: a rule describing the conversion of one syntactic structure into another related syntactic structure
noun: a qualitative change
noun: (mathematics) a function that changes the position or direction of the axes of a coordinate system

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Synonyms for transformation
modification: alteration, shift, variation, movement, change, mutation, turn