Definition of transformation Pronunciation
1. The act of transforming or the state of being transformed.
2. A marked change in appearance or character, especially one for the better.
3. The replacement of the variables in an algebraic expression by their values in terms of another set of variables; a mapping of one space onto another or onto itself; a function that changes the position or direction of the axes of a coordinate system.
4. A rule that systematically converts one syntactic form into another; a sentence derived by such a rule.
5. The alteration of a bacterial cell caused by the transfer of DNA from another, especially if pathogenic.
6. Ideologically driven government policy - becoming more conformant with socialist and African nationalist groupthink.
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English - English - transformation Pronunciation
n. changing shape; complete change
n. transformation, changing shape
English - Spanish - transformation Pronunciation
s. transformación, cambio, cambio marcado, conversión, trasformación; metamorfosis, mutación, transfiguración, transformamiento
English - French - transformation Pronunciation
n. transformation
English - German - transformation Pronunciation
n. Umformung; Umwandlung; Transformation
English - Indonesian - transformation Pronunciation
n. perubahan, transformasi
English - Italian - transformation Pronunciation
s. trasformazione, mutamento, cambiamento; mutamento radicale, metamorfosi
English - Polish - transformation Pronunciation
n. przekształcenie, przemienienie, przeobrażenie, przepostaciowanie, przeistoczenie, przeróbka, przerobienie, przemiana, zamiana, przestawienie, przedzierzgnięcie, przerodzenie, przetwarzanie, przetworzenie, transformacja {elektr.}
English - Portuguese - transformation Pronunciation
s. transformação, mudança de forma
English - Romanian - transformation Pronunciation
n. transformare, prefacere, schimbare, metamorfoză
English - Russian - transformation Pronunciation
с. преобразование, превращение, трансформация, преображение, женский парик, метаморфоза
English - Turkish - transformation Pronunciation
i. dönüşüm, dönüştürme, transformasyon, şekil değiştirme, voltaj değişikliği
English - Ukrainian - transformation Pronunciation
n. перетворення, метаморфоза, трансформація, обертання, переміна
French - English - transformation Pronunciation
(f) n. transformation, processing, alteration, conversion
German - English - transformation Pronunciation
n. transformation
English - Dutch - transformation Pronunciation
zn. transformatie, omzetting
English - Greek - transformation Pronunciation
ουσ. μεταμόρφωση, μεταλλαγή, μετασχηματισμός
French - Spanish - transformation Pronunciation
(changement) transformación (f)
German - Spanish - transformation Pronunciation
n. transformación (f)
French - German - transformation Pronunciation
n. veränderung, änderung, umänderung, abänderung, umwandlung, verwandlung, abwechslung, metamorphose, transformation, verarbeitung, wandel
French - Italian - transformation Pronunciation
(changement) trasformazione (f)
French - Portuguese - transformation Pronunciation
(changement) transformação (f)
French - Russian - transformation Pronunciation
n. трансформация (f), преобразование (f), превращение (f), переход (f), перемена (f), передел (тех.) (f), обработка (давлением) (тех.) (f)
French - Turkish - transformation Pronunciation
[la] şekil değişimi, dönüşüm; biçim değiştirme
German - French - transformation Pronunciation
n. transformation (f)
German - Italian - transformation Pronunciation
n. trasformazione (f)
German - Russian - transformation Pronunciation
n. трансформация (f), преобразование (f)
German - Turkish - transformation Pronunciation
i. biçim değişimi (f), dönüşüm (f), denşirim (f)
French - Dutch - transformation Pronunciation
(changement) transformatie (f)
English - Arabic - transformation Pronunciation
‏تحويل، تغيير هيئة، إستحالة، تحول، إنسلاخ الحشرات، إنمساخ، قلب‏
English - Chinese - transformation Pronunciation
(名) 变化; 改适; 转化
English - Chinese - transformation Pronunciation
(名) 變化; 改適; 轉化
English - Hindi - transformation Pronunciation
n. बदालना, परिवर्तन, रूपांतर, रूप-भेद, बिजली की ताक़त को परिणत करना
English - Japanese - transformation Pronunciation
(名) 変形; 変態; 変圧
English - Korean - transformation Pronunciation
명. 변형
English - Vietnamese - transformation Pronunciation
n. sự biến đổi, sự biến hình, sự biến tính, sự biến chất, sự biến hóa, chùm tóc giả
German - Chinese - transformation Pronunciation

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Synonyms for transformation
modification: alteration, shift, variation, movement, change, mutation, turn