Definition of treacly Pronunciation
1. Thick and sticky
2. Consisting of treacle, or cloying sentimental speech
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English - English - treacly Pronunciation
adj. overly sentimental, cloying; sweet and sticky like molasses
English - Spanish - treacly Pronunciation
adj. parecido a la melaza
English - French - treacly Pronunciation
adj. mélasse, épais et collant
English - German - treacly Pronunciation
adj. sirupartig, melassenartig
English - Italian - treacly Pronunciation
agg. mieloso, sdolcinato
English - Portuguese - treacly Pronunciation
adj. espesso e pegajoso
English - Russian - treacly Pronunciation
прил. паточный, приторный, елейный
English - Turkish - treacly Pronunciation
s. ağdalı, aşırı duygusal
English - Dutch - treacly Pronunciation
bn. stroopachtig
English - Greek - treacly Pronunciation
επίθ. γλυκός πολύ
English - Chinese - treacly Pronunciation
(形) 糖蜜似的; 甜蜜的
English - Chinese - treacly Pronunciation
(形) 糖蜜似的; 甜蜜的
English - Japanese - treacly Pronunciation
(形) 感傷的すぎる; 糖みつのような; 甘ったるい; べとべとした
English - Korean - treacly Pronunciation
형. 당밀의

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