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English English - Definition of trekking 
[trek] v. journey, make a difficult or long journey, migrate
n. (new spell.=Trecking) trekking
n. trekking
Spanish English To Spanish - trekking 
[trek] v. hacer un viaje difícil; viajar en carreta
French English To French - trekking 
[trek] v. faire une randonnée; faire un voyage long et pénible
German English To German - trekking 
[trek] v. trecken, lange schwere Reise
Italian English To Italian - trekking 
[trek] v. viaggiare su un carro trainato da buoi; emigrare; fare un viaggio faticoso e lento
Portuguese English To Portuguese - trekking 
[trek] v. viajar, fazer uma viagem difícil e comprida
Russian English To Russian - trekking 
[trek] г. ехать в фургонах, переселяться, пересекать, делать большой переход
Turkish English To Turkish - trekking 
[trek] f. kağnı ile gitmek, öküz arabası ile göç etmek, göçmek
English French To English - trekking 
(m) n. trekking
English German To English - trekking 
[trek] v. journey, make a difficult or long journey, migrate
English Italian To English - trekking 
n. trek
English Dutch To English - trekking 
n. draw, drawing
Dutch English To Dutch - trekking 
[trek] ww. trekken, reizen
Greek English To Greek - trekking 
[trek] ρήμ. ταξιδεύω με βωδάμαξαν, ταξιδεύω βραδέως, μεταναστεύω
French Dutch To French - trekking 
(loterij) tirage (m)
ChineseS English To ChineseS - trekking 
[trek] (动) 艰苦跋涉; 移居; 缓慢地行进; 离开
ChineseT English To ChineseT - trekking 
[trek] (動) 艱苦跋涉; 移居; 緩慢地行進; 離開
Japanese English To Japanese - trekking 
[trek] (動) 車を引く; 行く; 旅をする; 引く
Korean English To Korean - trekking 
[trek] 동. 여행을 하다, 길고 힘든 여행을 하다, 이주하다
ChineseS German To ChineseS - trekking 
[das] 徒步旅行。
noun: any long and difficult trip
noun: a journey by ox wagon (especially an organized migration by a group of settlers)
verb: make a long and difficult journey Example:They trekked towards the North Pole with sleds and skis.
verb: journey on foot, especially in the mountains Example:We spent the summer trekking in the foothills of the Himalayas.


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