Definition of tropics Pronunciation
1. The part of the Earth's surface between the Tropic of Cancer and the Tropic of Capricorn; characterized by a hot climate.
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English - English - tropics Pronunciation
[tropic] n. (Geography, Astronomy) either of two latitudinal parallels on the globe and their celestial equivalents that mark the sun's most northerly and southerly points (at approx. 23.5 deg. N and S latitude)
English - Spanish - tropics Pronunciation
[tropic] s. trópico
English - French - tropics Pronunciation
[tropic] n. tropique, cercle
English - German - tropics Pronunciation
[tropic] n. Wendekreis; Kreis
English - Indonesian - tropics Pronunciation
n. garis balik
English - Italian - tropics Pronunciation
s. tropici, zona tropicale
English - Polish - tropics Pronunciation
n. kraje tropikalne
English - Portuguese - tropics Pronunciation
[tropic] s. trópico (Trópico de Câncer ou Trópico de Capricórnio); a região entre estes trópicos
English - Romanian - tropics Pronunciation
n. tropic
English - Russian - tropics Pronunciation
с. тропики
English - Turkish - tropics Pronunciation
i. sıcak kuşak, tropikal kuşak
English - Ukrainian - tropics Pronunciation
n. тропік, тропічна зона
English - Dutch - tropics Pronunciation
[tropic] zn. keerkring; ring
English - Greek - tropics Pronunciation
ουσ. τροπικές χώρες
English - Arabic - tropics Pronunciation
English - Chinese - tropics Pronunciation
[tropic] (名) 回归线, 热带
English - Chinese - tropics Pronunciation
[tropic] (名) 回歸線, 熱帶
English - Japanese - tropics Pronunciation
(名) 回帰線, 熱帯
(名) (地理学; 天文学)回帰線, 太陽が地球に対してもっとも南や北にくるときの赤道に平行してある地球の表面の線(およそ南北緯23.5度を通る緯線); 熱帯
English - Korean - tropics Pronunciation
명. 열대지방, 열대
English - Vietnamese - tropics Pronunciation
n. vùng nhiệt đới

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