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English English - Definition of troubled 
adj. upset, worried, concerned, disturbed
Spanish English To Spanish - troubled 
adj. preocupado, apenado, apesadumbrado, atormentado; apurado, atribulado
French English To French - troubled 
adj. préoccupé, inquiet, affairé; concerné; perturbé
German English To German - troubled 
[trouble] v. beunruhigen; kümmern; ärgern
adj. beunruhigt; besorgt
Italian English To Italian - troubled 
agg. turbato, preoccupato, inquieto, agitato
Portuguese English To Portuguese - troubled 
adj. perturbado, preocupado
Russian English To Russian - troubled 
прил. беспокойный, встревоженный, штормовой, предвещающий бурю
Turkish English To Turkish - troubled 
s. üzgün, sıkıntılı, rahatsız, bulanık
Albanian English To Albanian - troubled 
adj. shqetësuar: i shqetësuar, trazuar: i trazuar
Dutch English To Dutch - troubled 
bn. verontrust
Greek English To Greek - troubled 
[trouble] ρήμ. ταράττω, ενοχλώ, στενοχωρώ
ChineseS English To ChineseS - troubled 
(形) 麻烦的, 不平静的, 混乱的
ChineseT English To ChineseT - troubled 
(形) 麻煩的, 不平靜的, 混亂的
Japanese English To Japanese - troubled 
(形) 困ったような; 荒れた
(動) 悩ます; 煩わす; 心配する; 手を焼く; 邪魔する
Korean English To Korean - troubled 
형. 근심스러운, 걱정되는
adjective: characterized by or indicative of distress or affliction or danger or need Example:Troubled areas.
adjective: characterized by unrest or disorder or insubordination Example:These troubled areas.


 Synonyms for troubled
1. neurotic: demented, insane, deranged, unbalanced, lunatic, crazy
2. distraught: distressed, confused, tormented, anxious, aggrieved, harassed, bewildered

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