Definition of troubled Pronunciation
1. Characterized by or indicative of distress or affliction or danger or need.
Troubled areas.
Fell into a troubled sleep.
A troubled expression.
Troubled teenagers.
2. Characterized by unrest or disorder or insubordination.
Effects of the struggle will be violent and disruptive.
Riotous times.
These troubled areas.
The tumultuous years of his administration.
A turbulent and unruly childhood.
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English - English - troubled Pronunciation
adj. upset, worried, concerned, disturbed
English - Spanish - troubled Pronunciation
adj. preocupado, apenado, apesadumbrado, atormentado; apurado, atribulado
English - French - troubled Pronunciation
adj. préoccupé, inquiet, affairé; concerné; perturbé
English - German - troubled Pronunciation
[trouble] v. beunruhigen; kümmern; ärgern
adj. beunruhigt; besorgt
English - Indonesian - troubled Pronunciation
a. rawan, susah, kesukaran: penuh kesukaran, butek
English - Italian - troubled Pronunciation
agg. turbato, preoccupato, inquieto, agitato
English - Polish - troubled Pronunciation
a. zmartwiony, niespokojny
English - Portuguese - troubled Pronunciation
adj. perturbado, preocupado
English - Romanian - troubled Pronunciation
a. neliniştit, alarmat, îngrijorat, accidentat, răvăşit, tulbure
English - Russian - troubled Pronunciation
прил. беспокойный, встревоженный, штормовой, предвещающий бурю
English - Turkish - troubled Pronunciation
s. üzgün, sıkıntılı, rahatsız, bulanık
English - Ukrainian - troubled Pronunciation
a. неспокійний, штормовий, заклопотаний, каламутний
English - Dutch - troubled Pronunciation
bn. verontrust
English - Greek - troubled Pronunciation
[trouble] ρήμ. ταράττω, ενοχλώ, στενοχωρώ
English - Arabic - troubled Pronunciation
‏قلق، مضطرب، مهموم، مزعج‏
English - Chinese - troubled Pronunciation
(形) 麻烦的, 不平静的, 混乱的
English - Chinese - troubled Pronunciation
(形) 麻煩的, 不平靜的, 混亂的
English - Hindi - troubled Pronunciation
a. तंग
English - Japanese - troubled Pronunciation
(形) 困ったような; 荒れた
(動) 悩ます; 煩わす; 心配する; 手を焼く; 邪魔する
English - Korean - troubled Pronunciation
형. 근심스러운, 걱정되는
English - Vietnamese - troubled Pronunciation
a. không trong, bồn chồn, lo lắng

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Synonyms for troubled
1. neurotic: demented, insane, deranged, unbalanced, lunatic, crazy
2. distraught: distressed, confused, tormented, anxious, aggrieved, harassed, bewildered