Definition of turbulence Pronunciation
1. The state or fact of being turbulent or agitated; tempestuousness, disturbance.
2. Disturbance in a gas or fluid, characterized by evidence of internal motion or unrest.
3. Specifically, a state of agitation or disturbance in the air which is disruptive to an aircraft.
4. An instance or type of such state or disturbance.
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English - English - turbulence Pronunciation
n. non-smooth and irregular flow in fluids (Hydraulics); quality of being turbulent; irregular atmospheric motion (Meteorology)
n. turbulence, noisiness, excitement
English - Spanish - turbulence Pronunciation
s. turbulencia, agitación, revuelo
English - French - turbulence Pronunciation
n. turbulence, malaxage, remous; anarchie, désordre, fermentation
English - German - turbulence Pronunciation
n. Unruhe; Ungestüm; Sturm; Turbulenzen
English - Italian - turbulence Pronunciation
s. turbolenza, agitazione, disordine
English - Portuguese - turbulence Pronunciation
s. turbulência, perturbação, confusão, alvoroço
English - Russian - turbulence Pronunciation
с. бурность, турбулентность, беспорядок, волнение
English - Turkish - turbulence Pronunciation
i. türbülans, hava boşluğu, gürültü, kargaşa, karışıklık
French - English - turbulence Pronunciation
(f) n. turbulence, noisiness, excitement
English - Dutch - turbulence Pronunciation
zn. woestheid, woeligheid; maalstroom
English - Greek - turbulence Pronunciation
ουσ. ταραχή, βιαιότητα
French - Spanish - turbulence Pronunciation
1. (troubles) alboroto (m); disturbio (m); tumulto (m); bullicio (m); perturbación (f)
2. (météorologie) turbulencia (f)
French - German - turbulence Pronunciation
n. turbulenz
French - Italian - turbulence Pronunciation
1. (troubles) agitazione (f); confusione (f); trambusto (m); tumulto (m)
2. (météorologie) turbolenza (f)
French - Portuguese - turbulence Pronunciation
1. (troubles) comoção (f); agitação (f); turbulência (f); tumulto (m)
2. (météorologie) turbulência (f)
French - Russian - turbulence Pronunciation
n. волнение (f)
French - Turkish - turbulence Pronunciation
[la] gürültücülük; yaramazlık, azgınlık
French - Dutch - turbulence Pronunciation
1. (troubles) beroering (f); onrust (m/f); oproer (n); tumult (n)
2. (météorologie) turbulentie (f)
English - Chinese - turbulence Pronunciation
(名) 喧嚣, 骚乱, 狂暴
English - Chinese - turbulence Pronunciation
(名) 喧囂, 騷亂, 狂暴
English - Japanese - turbulence Pronunciation
(名) 滑らかでなく不規則な流動体の流れ(水力学); 動乱, 大荒れ; 乱気流(気象学)
English - Korean - turbulence Pronunciation
명. 휘몰아침, 난류(수력); 동요 상태; 불안정한 기류(기상학)

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Synonyms for turbulence
insurrection: mutiny, upheaval, revolution, agitation, sedition, uprising, commotion