Definition of turn back Pronunciation
1. To reverse direction and retrace one's steps.
Realising he had forgotten his briefcase, he turned back to the office.
2. To return to a previous state of being.
He stopped drinking for a couple of years, but now he has turned back to his old ways.
Once we take this decision, there's no turning back.
3. To prevent or refuse to allow passage or progress.
The soldiers turned back all the refugees at the frontier.
4. To adjust to a previous setting.
In Autumn we normally turn the clocks back one hour.
I love that song: turn back to it!
5. To fold something back; to fold down.
When you make the bed, please always turn the sheet back over the blanket.
6. To give back; to return.
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English - English - turn back Pronunciation
return, go back
English - Spanish - turn back Pronunciation
v. retrasar, volver: hacer volver, retroceder: hacer retroceder, volverse, retroceder, volverse sobre sus pasos
English - French - turn back Pronunciation
English - German - turn back Pronunciation
English - Indonesian - turn back Pronunciation
v. memutarbalikkan, mengemudiankan, mengebelakangkan, mengusir, kembali, mengembalikan, berbalik, berbelok ke belakang
English - Italian - turn back Pronunciation
tornare indietro, tornare sui propri passi; ritornare; far tornare indietro; ripiegare, piegare su se stesso
English - Polish - turn back Pronunciation
v. zawracać, podkasać, zawrócić
English - Portuguese - turn back Pronunciation
v. voltar para trás, voltar para rio
English - Russian - turn back Pronunciation
г. повернуть назад, обернуться, повернуть обратно, прогнать, оглянуться, прогонять
English - Turkish - turn back Pronunciation
geri çevirmek, reddetmek, geri almak, kıvırmak, katlamak, geri dönmek, gerilemek, dönmek
English - Ukrainian - turn back Pronunciation
v. прогнати, відступити, обернутися, навертати
English - Dutch - turn back Pronunciation
terugkeren;terugdraaien; omslaan; doen omkeren
English - Greek - turn back Pronunciation
γυρίζω πίσω
English - Arabic - turn back Pronunciation
‏نكص، رجع، قلب الى الوراء، عاد، تراجع‏
English - Chinese - turn back Pronunciation
阻止; 阻挡
English - Chinese - turn back Pronunciation
阻止; 阻擋
English - Japanese - turn back Pronunciation
(动) 打ち返す, 立ち返る, 戻る
English - Korean - turn back Pronunciation
되돌아가게 하다, 늦추다, 접다, 되돌아가다
English - Vietnamese - turn back Pronunciation
n. sự quay trở lại, sự tháo lui

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