adj. of or similar to a tyrant, despotic, authoritarian
English - Spanish - tyrannical Pronunciation
adj. tiránico
English - French - tyrannical Pronunciation
adj. tyrannique, relatif à un tyran; despotique, oppressif; autoritaire
English - German - tyrannical Pronunciation
adj. tyrannisch, despotisch
English - Italian - tyrannical Pronunciation
agg. tirannico, di tiranno
English - Portuguese - tyrannical Pronunciation
adj. tirânico
English - Russian - tyrannical Pronunciation
прил. тиранический, деспотичный, властный
English - Turkish - tyrannical Pronunciation
s. acımasız, gaddarca, zalim
English - Albanian - tyrannical Pronunciation
adj. tiranik
English - Dutch - tyrannical Pronunciation
bn. tirannie, despotisme
English - Greek - tyrannical Pronunciation
επίθ. τυραννικός, σατραπικός
English - Chinese - tyrannical Pronunciation
(形) 暴君的; 暴君似的; 专制君主的; 暴虐的
English - Chinese - tyrannical Pronunciation
(形) 暴君的; 暴君似的; 專制君主的; 暴虐的
English - Japanese - tyrannical Pronunciation
(形) 暴君のような, 横暴な
English - Korean - tyrannical Pronunciation
형. 전제군주적인, 폭군같은
adjective: of or relating to or associated with or resembling a dictatorship Example:Tyrannical suppression of liberty.
adjective: marked by unjust severity or arbitrary behavior Example:A tyrannical parent.
adjective: characteristic of an absolute ruler or absolute rule; having absolute sovereignty Example:A tyrannical government.

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Synonyms for tyrannical
authoritarian: peremptory, supreme, autarchic, autocratic, strict, despotic, absolute