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Spanish English To Spanish - tyranny 
s. tiranía (f)
German English To German - tyranny 
n. gewaltherrschaft (f), tyrannei (f)
Italian English To Italian - tyranny 
s. tirannia (f)
Portuguese English To Portuguese - tyranny 
s. tirania (f)
Russian English To Russian - tyranny 
с. тирания (F), деспотизм (M), тиранство (N), жестокость (F)
Turkish English To Turkish - tyranny 
i. zulüm, zorbalık, zorba yönetim, tiranlık
Albanian English To Albanian - tyranny 
n. tirani, ashpërsi
Dutch English To Dutch - tyranny 
zn. tirannie, dwingelandij
Greek English To Greek - tyranny 
ουσ. τυραννία
ChineseS English To ChineseS - tyranny 
n. 肆意 (sı4 yı4), 暴政 (bao4 zheng4), 肆 (sı4), 独裁者之职 (du2 caı2 zhe3 zhı1 zhı2), 独裁 (du2 caı2), 独裁国家 (du2 caı2 guo2 jıa1), 独裁权 (du2 caı2 quan2), 苛政 (ke1 zheng4)
ChineseT English To ChineseT - tyranny 
n. 肆意 (sı4 yı4), 暴政 (bao4 zheng4), 肆 (sı4), 獨裁者之職 (du2 caı2 zhe3 zhı1 zhı2), 獨裁 (du2 caı2), 獨裁國家 (du2 caı2 guo2 jıa1), 獨裁權 (du2 caı2 quan2), 苛政 (ke1 zheng4)


 Synonyms for tyranny
totalitarian government: dictatorship, absolute monarchy, despotism, autocracy

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