Definition of ulterior Pronunciation
1. Situated beyond, or on the farther side.
2. Beyond what is obvious or evident.
3. Being intentionally concealed so as to deceive.
4. Happening later; subsequent.
An ulterior action
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English - English - ulterior Pronunciation
adj. hidden, concealed (esp. for deceptive purposes); remote, situated outside of a particular location or realm; subsequent, occurring later
adj. later, farther; subsequent, ulterior
adj. further, after; subsequent, ulterior
English - Spanish - ulterior Pronunciation
adj. ulterior
Spanish - English - ulterior Pronunciation
adj. later, farther; subsequent, ulterior
English - French - ulterior Pronunciation
adj. secret, caché; ultérieur
English - German - ulterior Pronunciation
adj. versteckt, verborgen; entfernt
English - Italian - ulterior Pronunciation
agg. ulteriore, successivo; più remoto; (fig) recondito, nascosto, celato
English - Portuguese - ulterior Pronunciation
adj. escondido, velado; distante
English - Russian - ulterior Pronunciation
прил. скрытый, невыраженный, дальнейший, последующий, расположенный дальше, лежащий по ту сторону
English - Turkish - ulterior Pronunciation
s. ötedeki, sonraki, uzaktaki, gizli
Portuguese - English - ulterior Pronunciation
adj. further, after; subsequent, ulterior
English - Dutch - ulterior Pronunciation
bn. verborgen, geheim; verwijderd
English - Greek - ulterior Pronunciation
επίθ. απώτερος, κρύφιος
Spanish - German - ulterior Pronunciation
a. jenseitig, anderweitig, weitergehend, nachmalig, nachherig, weiter, ferner, später, nachträglich
Spanish - Russian - ulterior Pronunciation
adj. последующий
English - Chinese - ulterior Pronunciation
(形) 在那边的, 隐蔽的, 将来的
English - Chinese - ulterior Pronunciation
(形) 在那邊的, 隱蔽的, 將來的
English - Japanese - ulterior Pronunciation
(形) 表に出ない(探偵の目的などで); 向こうの, 先の, 後で起こる
English - Korean - ulterior Pronunciation
형. 숨겨진, 감춰진; 멀리 떨어진; 장차의, 금후의, 뒤로 이어지는
Spanish - Korean - ulterior Pronunciation
adj. 뒤의

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Synonyms for ulterior
1. distant: remote, further, farther
2. hidden: concealed, guarded, shrouded, obscured, covert
3. later: eventual, future