Definition of umbrella tree Pronunciation
1. Small deciduous tree of eastern North America having creamy white flowers and large leaves in formations like umbrellas at the ends of branches.
2. Erect evergreen shrub or small tree of Australia and northern New Guinea having palmately compound leaves.
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English - English - umbrella tree Pronunciation
n. magnolia native to the United States with leaves shaped like an umbrella; any of the different trees that resemble an umbrella
English - Spanish - umbrella tree Pronunciation
aralia, pulpo, árbol paraguas
English - German - umbrella tree Pronunciation
Großblättrige Schefflera, Seemandelbaum, Indische Mandel, Katappenbaum, Queensland-Strahlenaralie, Regenschirmbaum, Badam, Bunges Trompetenbaum, Emien
English - Romanian - umbrella tree Pronunciation
n. magnolie americană
English - Russian - umbrella tree Pronunciation
магнолия трехлепестная
English - Dutch - umbrella tree Pronunciation
zn. magnolia
English - Korean - umbrella tree Pronunciation
태산목 무리, 우산 모양의 나무, 우산 모양으로 다듬은 나무
English - Vietnamese - umbrella tree Pronunciation
n. cây mộc lan

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