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English English - Definition of unalloyed 
adj. not alloyed, unmixed (metals, etc.), pure
Spanish English To Spanish - unalloyed 
adj. sin impurezas, sin mezcla
French English To French - unalloyed 
adj. qui n'est pas permis
German English To German - unalloyed 
adj. unvermischt
Italian English To Italian - unalloyed 
agg. puro, non legato (di metallo); puro, schietto, genuino
Portuguese English To Portuguese - unalloyed 
adj. que não é ligado, puro
Russian English To Russian - unalloyed 
прил. чистый, беспримесный
Turkish English To Turkish - unalloyed 
s. katışıksız, katıksız, saf, tam
Albanian English To Albanian - unalloyed 
adj. papërzier: i papërzier
Dutch English To Dutch - unalloyed 
bn. onvermengd
Greek English To Greek - unalloyed 
(Lex**) ανόθευτος
ChineseS English To ChineseS - unalloyed 
(形) 纯粹的
ChineseT English To ChineseT - unalloyed 
(形) 純粹的
Japanese English To Japanese - unalloyed 
(形) 混ざり物のない(金属など), 純粋な
Korean English To Korean - unalloyed 
형. 합금이 아닌, 진정한


 Synonyms for unalloyed
pure: absolute, stark, sheer, unadulterated, unmixed, unqualified, decided

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