Definition of unalloyed Pronunciation
1. (of metal) Not alloyed; not in mixture with other metals; pure.
2. Complete and unreserved; pure; unadulterated; not restricted, modified, or qualified by reservations.
Unalloyed blessings
Unalloyed happiness
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English - English - unalloyed Pronunciation
adj. not alloyed, unmixed (metals, etc.), pure
English - Spanish - unalloyed Pronunciation
adj. sin impurezas, sin mezcla
English - French - unalloyed Pronunciation
adj. qui n'est pas permis
English - German - unalloyed Pronunciation
adj. unvermischt
English - Italian - unalloyed Pronunciation
agg. puro, non legato (di metallo); puro, schietto, genuino
English - Polish - unalloyed Pronunciation
a. niezmącony, czysty
English - Portuguese - unalloyed Pronunciation
adj. que não é ligado, puro
English - Russian - unalloyed Pronunciation
прил. чистый, беспримесный
English - Turkish - unalloyed Pronunciation
s. katışıksız, katıksız, saf, tam
English - Ukrainian - unalloyed Pronunciation
a. нелегований, чистий
English - Dutch - unalloyed Pronunciation
bn. onvermengd
English - Greek - unalloyed Pronunciation
(Lex**) ανόθευτος
English - Arabic - unalloyed Pronunciation
‏صرف، غير مشوب‏
English - Chinese - unalloyed Pronunciation
(形) 纯粹的
English - Chinese - unalloyed Pronunciation
(形) 純粹的
English - Hindi - unalloyed Pronunciation
a. साफ़, सुथरा, शुद्ध, अनमेल, निरा, ख़ालिस, अमिश्रित, पवित्र, निर्दोष
English - Japanese - unalloyed Pronunciation
(形) 混ざり物のない(金属など), 純粋な
English - Korean - unalloyed Pronunciation
형. 합금이 아닌, 진정한
English - Vietnamese - unalloyed Pronunciation
a. không có trộn

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Synonyms for unalloyed
pure: absolute, stark, sheer, unadulterated, unmixed, unqualified, decided