Definition of unappealingly Pronunciation
1. In an unappealing manner.
The kitchen was unappealingly dirty.
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English - English - unappealingly Pronunciation
adv. in a manner which is not appealing, unattractively
English - Spanish - unappealingly Pronunciation
adv. inatrayentemente, en forma no atrayente
English - French - unappealingly Pronunciation
adv. de façon peu appétissante
English - German - unappealingly Pronunciation
adv. unanfechtbar
English - Italian - unappealingly Pronunciation
avv. non attraentemente, non commoventemente
English - Portuguese - unappealingly Pronunciation
adv. de forma que não atraente
English - Dutch - unappealingly Pronunciation
bw. niet aantrekkelijk
English - Japanese - unappealingly Pronunciation
(副) 目立たずに

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