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English English - Definition of unbound 
adj. untied, free, unrestrained; not bound (of a book etc.)
Spanish English To Spanish - unbound 
adj. sin encuadernar, en hojas sueltas; desatado
French English To French - unbound 
adj. sans lien; sans limite
German English To German - unbound 
adj. offen, ungebunden
Italian English To Italian - unbound 
agg. sciolto, slegato; (Legat) non rilegato
Portuguese English To Portuguese - unbound 
adj. solto, desatado
Russian English To Russian - unbound 
прил. не связанный обязательствами, свободный, непереплетенный
Turkish English To Turkish - unbound 
s. bağsız, başsız, ciltsiz, serbest
Albanian English To Albanian - unbound 
adj. palidhur: i palidhur, lirë: i lirë, pavarur: i pavarur
Dutch English To Dutch - unbound 
bn. ongebonden; niet opgebonden (haar), loshangend
Greek English To Greek - unbound 
επίθ. άδετος
ChineseS English To ChineseS - unbound 
(形) 已获得自由的, 未装订的
ChineseT English To ChineseT - unbound 
(形) 已獲得自由的, 未裝訂的
Japanese English To Japanese - unbound 
(形) 解き放たれた; とじてない(本などの)
Korean English To Korean - unbound 
형. 족쇄가 벗겨진, 매여 있지 않은, 자유의; 묶이지 않은 (책 등)
adjective: not restrained or tied down by bonds
adjective: not secured within a cover Example:An unbound book.
adjective: not held in chemical or physical combination.


 Synonyms for unbound
free: released, unrestrained, unrestricted, unattached, unconfined, escaped, loose

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