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English English - Definition of unconditional 
adj. not conditional; unreserved, unlimited; absolute
Spanish English To Spanish - unconditional 
adj. incondicional, sin condiciones
French English To French - unconditional 
adj. inconditionnel; sans réserve
German English To German - unconditional 
adj. bedingungslos
Italian English To Italian - unconditional 
agg. incondizionato, pieno, assoluto, senza riserve
Portuguese English To Portuguese - unconditional 
adj. incondicional
Russian English To Russian - unconditional 
прил. безусловный, безоговорочный, не ограниченный условиями
Turkish English To Turkish - unconditional 
s. kayıtsız şartsız, koşulsuz, kayıtsız, mutlâk, şartsız
Albanian English To Albanian - unconditional 
adj. pakushtëzuar: i pakushtëzuar, kusht: pa kushte
Dutch English To Dutch - unconditional 
bn. onvoorwaardelijk
Greek English To Greek - unconditional 
επίθ. ανεπιφύλακτος, άνευ όρων, απόλυτος
ChineseS English To ChineseS - unconditional 
(形) 无条件的, 绝对的, 无限制的
ChineseT English To ChineseT - unconditional 
(形) 無條件的, 絕對的, 無限制的
Japanese English To Japanese - unconditional 
(形) 無条件の; 無制限の; 絶対的な
Korean English To Korean - unconditional 
형. 무조건의; 무제한적인; 절대적인
adjective: not conditional Example:Unconditional surrender.
adjective: not contingent; not determined or influenced by someone or something else
adjective: not modified or restricted by reservations


 Synonyms for unconditional
complete: absolute, entire, total, utter, unqualified, thorough

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