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English English - Definition of unconfined 
adj. not confined, free from restraints; having no limits
Spanish English To Spanish - unconfined 
adj. ilimitado, sin límites; libre
French English To French - unconfined 
adj. sans borne, ouvert, sans limite
Italian English To Italian - unconfined 
Russian English To Russian - unconfined 
не сдерживаемый
Turkish English To Turkish - unconfined 
s. kuşatılmamış, sınırsız, serbest
Dutch English To Dutch - unconfined 
bn. vrij, los
Greek English To Greek - unconfined 
επίθ. απεριόριστος
ChineseS English To ChineseS - unconfined 
(形) 无限制的; 宽敞的
ChineseT English To ChineseT - unconfined 
(形) 無限制的; 寬敞的
Japanese English To Japanese - unconfined 
(形) 縛られていない; 自由な
adjective: not confined
adjective: free from confinement or physical restraint


 Synonyms for unconfined
open: free, unimpeded, unfettered, unobstructed, unrestricted, unregulated

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