Definition of uncooled Pronunciation
1. Not cooled; allowed to warm up or overheat
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English - English - uncooled Pronunciation
adj. not cooled, not refrigerated, whose temperature has not been kept low
English - Spanish - uncooled Pronunciation
adj. No resfriado
English - French - uncooled Pronunciation
adj. non-refroidi
English - German - uncooled Pronunciation
adj. nicht gekühlt
English - Italian - uncooled Pronunciation
agg. non raffreddato
English - Portuguese - uncooled Pronunciation
adj. não resfriado, não refrigerado
English - Russian - uncooled Pronunciation
English - Ukrainian - uncooled Pronunciation
a. неохолоджений
English - Dutch - uncooled Pronunciation
bn. ongekoeld
English - Japanese - uncooled Pronunciation
(形) 冷やしていない, 冷たくない, 冷えていない

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