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English English - Definition of underemployment 
n. lack of full-time or adequate employment
Spanish English To Spanish - underemployment 
s. subempleo, empleo a tiempo parcial; subutilización, infrautilización
French English To French - underemployment 
n. sous-emploi
German English To German - underemployment 
n. Unterbeschäftigung
Italian English To Italian - underemployment 
s. sottoccupazione
Portuguese English To Portuguese - underemployment 
s. sub-ocupação
Russian English To Russian - underemployment 
с. неполная занятость, неполный рабочий день
Albanian English To Albanian - underemployment 
n. papunim, punim pjesërisht
Dutch English To Dutch - underemployment 
zn. onvolledige werkgelegenheid
Greek English To Greek - underemployment 
(Lex**) υποαπασχόληση
ChineseS English To ChineseS - underemployment 
(名) 未充分就业; 未按专长就业
ChineseT English To ChineseT - underemployment 
(名) 未充分就業; 未按專長就業
Japanese English To Japanese - underemployment 
(名) 不完全就業状態, 不完全就業
Korean English To Korean - underemployment 
명. 불완전 고용, 불완전 취업


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