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English English - Definition of undergone 
[undergo] v. endure, experience, go through, suffer
Spanish English To Spanish - undergone 
[undergo] v. experimentar, padecer, sufrir
French English To French - undergone 
[undergo] v. passer par, éprouver, subir; souffrir
German English To German - undergone 
[undergo] v. ertragen, versuchen, erleben
Italian English To Italian - undergone 
[undergo] v. sopportare, subire, soffrire, patire; sottoporsi, essere sottoposto a, affrontare
Portuguese English To Portuguese - undergone 
[undergo] v. passar, tentar, experimentar, submeter-se
Russian English To Russian - undergone 
[undergo] г. испытывать, вытерпеть, переносить, подвергаться
Turkish English To Turkish - undergone 
[undergo] f. katlanmak, çekmek, geçirmek, uğramak, başına gelmek
Dutch English To Dutch - undergone 
[undergo] ww. doormaken, proberen, ervaren
Greek English To Greek - undergone 
[undergo] ρήμ. υφίσταμαι
ChineseS English To ChineseS - undergone 
[undergo] (动) 遭受, 忍受, 经历
ChineseT English To ChineseT - undergone 
[undergo] (動) 遭受, 忍受, 經歷
Japanese English To Japanese - undergone 
[undergo] (動) 体験する; 耐える; 受ける
Korean English To Korean - undergone 
[undergo] 동. 겪다, 견디다, 경험하다, 고생하다
verb: go or live through
verb: accept or undergo, often unwillingly
verb: of mental or physical states or experiences Example:Undergo a strange sensation.


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