German - English - unentbehrlich Pronunciation
adv. indispensably, essentially, in a manner that is absolutely necessary, in a manner that is vital
German - Spanish - unentbehrlich Pronunciation
adj. imprescindible, indispensable
German - French - unentbehrlich Pronunciation
adj. indispensable
German - Italian - unentbehrlich Pronunciation
adj. indispensabile
German - Russian - unentbehrlich Pronunciation
adj. необходимый, незаменимый, нужный
German - Turkish - unentbehrlich Pronunciation
s. onsuz olunmaz
German - Dutch - unentbehrlich Pronunciation
onmisbaar ,onontbeerlijk
German - Chinese - unentbehrlich Pronunciation
adj. 不可缺少的。必不可少的。必需的。必须的。

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