adj. to which there can be no exceptions, adequate, not exceptionable
English - Spanish - unexceptionable Pronunciation
adj. irreprochable, enteramente satisfactorio, intachable
English - French - unexceptionable Pronunciation
adj. sans défaut; irréprochable
English - German - unexceptionable Pronunciation
adj. durchschnittlich, alltäglich
English - Italian - unexceptionable Pronunciation
agg. ineccepibile, irreprensibile; eccellente, ottimo
English - Portuguese - unexceptionable Pronunciation
adj. irrepreensível, sem defeito
English - Russian - unexceptionable Pronunciation
прил. совершенный, замечательный, превосходный
English - Turkish - unexceptionable Pronunciation
s. itiraz edilemez, karşı çıkılmaz, sakıncasız, istisna edilemez
English - Albanian - unexceptionable Pronunciation
adj. perfekt
English - Dutch - unexceptionable Pronunciation
bn. onberispelijk
English - Greek - unexceptionable Pronunciation
επίθ. άμεμπτος
English - Chinese - unexceptionable Pronunciation
(形) 无懈可击的, 完全的, 极好的
English - Chinese - unexceptionable Pronunciation
(形) 無懈可擊的, 完全的, 極好的
English - Japanese - unexceptionable Pronunciation
(形) 申し分ない
English - Korean - unexceptionable Pronunciation
형. 반대할 도리가 없는, 적절한, 나무랄 데가 없는, 더할 나위 없는
adjective: completely acceptable; not open to exception or reproach Example:Two unexceptionable witnesses.

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Synonyms for unexceptionable
undeniable: guaranteed, immutable, good, promised