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English English - Definition of unfading 
adj. not fading
Spanish English To Spanish - unfading 
adj. inmarcesible, imperecedero, inmarchitable
French English To French - unfading 
adj. indécoloré
German English To German - unfading 
adj. unvergänglich
Italian English To Italian - unfading 
agg. che non appassisce; che non sbiadisce, che non scolorisce; (fig) imperituro, immortale
Portuguese English To Portuguese - unfading 
adj. que não murcha
Russian English To Russian - unfading 
прил. неувядаемый, неувядающий, нелиняющий
Turkish English To Turkish - unfading 
s. dayanıklı, solmaz, ölmez, değerini yitirmeyen
Albanian English To Albanian - unfading 
adj. pavenitur: i pavenitur, pafikur: i pafikur
Dutch English To Dutch - unfading 
bn. niet verblekend
Greek English To Greek - unfading 
επίθ. αμάραντος, άφθαρτος
ChineseS English To ChineseS - unfading 
(形) 不褪色的; 不衰的; 不凋萎的; 不朽的
ChineseT English To ChineseT - unfading 
(形) 不褪色的; 不衰的; 不凋萎的; 不朽的
Japanese English To Japanese - unfading 
(形) 色のさめない; 衰えない
Korean English To Korean - unfading 
형. 빛이 바래지 않는
adjective: of an imaginary flower that never fades


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