Definition of unfazed Pronunciation
1. Not frightened or hesitant; undaunted; not put off
After stumbling and landing on her face, the toddler picked herself up and continued unfazed.
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English - English - unfazed Pronunciation
adj. undaunted, not discouraged; unimpressed
English - Spanish - unfazed Pronunciation
imperturbable, inalterable
English - French - unfazed Pronunciation
English - German - unfazed Pronunciation
adj. unerschrocken; nicht beeindruckt; nicht entmutigt
English - Italian - unfazed Pronunciation
agg. imperterrito; non impressionato, non scoraggiato
English - Portuguese - unfazed Pronunciation
adj. destemido; inabalável
English - Chinese - unfazed Pronunciation
(形) 未受惊扰的
English - Chinese - unfazed Pronunciation
(形) 未受驚擾的
English - Japanese - unfazed Pronunciation
(形) 困らせない

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