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English English - Definition of uninflammable 
adj. not ignitable, cannot be set on fire
Spanish English To Spanish - uninflammable 
adj. ininflamable, calorífugo, no inflamable
French English To French - uninflammable 
adj. incombustible
German English To German - uninflammable 
adj. nicht brennbar; unanzündbar
Italian English To Italian - uninflammable 
agg. infiammabile
Portuguese English To Portuguese - uninflammable 
adj. inflamável
Dutch English To Dutch - uninflammable 
bn. niet brandbaar
Greek English To Greek - uninflammable 
Επιθ. που δεν αναφλέγεται, που δεν καίγεται, που δεν παίρνει φωτιά
ChineseS English To ChineseS - uninflammable 
(形) 非易燃的; 不能点燃的
ChineseT English To ChineseT - uninflammable 
(形) 非易燃的; 不能點燃的
Japanese English To Japanese - uninflammable 
(形) 燃えない
Korean English To Korean - uninflammable 
형. 발화되기 힘든


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