Definition of unlimited Pronunciation
1. Having no limits in range or scope.
To start with a theory of unlimited freedom is to end up with unlimited despotism"- Philip Rah.
2. That cannot be entirely consumed or used up.
3. Without reservation or exception.
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English - English - unlimited Pronunciation
adj. infinite, limitless, boundless, unrestricted
English - Spanish - unlimited Pronunciation
adj. ilimitado, ilimitable, inmensurable
English - French - unlimited Pronunciation
adj. illimité; sans borne
English - German - unlimited Pronunciation
adj. unbefristet, unbegrenzt
English - Indonesian - unlimited Pronunciation
a. terbatas: tak terbatas, batas: yg tak ada batasnya
English - Italian - unlimited Pronunciation
agg. illimitato, senza limiti, assoluto; sconfinato, immenso
English - Polish - unlimited Pronunciation
a. nieograniczony, bezgraniczny, bezbrzeżny, bezkresny, dowolny, absolutny
English - Portuguese - unlimited Pronunciation
adj. ilimitado
English - Romanian - unlimited Pronunciation
a. absolut, nelimitat, nemărginit
English - Russian - unlimited Pronunciation
прил. неограниченный, безграничный, беспредельный
English - Turkish - unlimited Pronunciation
s. sınırsız, kısıtlamasız, şartsız, sınırlanmamış
English - Ukrainian - unlimited Pronunciation
a. необмежений, безмежний, надмірний, абсолютний, неограничений
English - Dutch - unlimited Pronunciation
bn. onbeperkt, onbegrensd
English - Greek - unlimited Pronunciation
επίθ. απεριόριστος
English - Arabic - unlimited Pronunciation
‏لا محدود، مطلق، غير محدود‏
English - Chinese - unlimited Pronunciation
(形) 无限的, 无条件的, 不受限制的
English - Chinese - unlimited Pronunciation
(形) 無限的, 無條件的, 不受限制的
English - Hindi - unlimited Pronunciation
a. अबाध, बेहद, असीमित, बेरोकटोक, अनियंत्रित, निरंकुश
English - Japanese - unlimited Pronunciation
(形) 限りない; 絶大な; 無制限の
English - Korean - unlimited Pronunciation
형. 끝없는, 제한 없는, 한없는
English - Vietnamese - unlimited Pronunciation
a. vô hạn, không bờ bến

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Synonyms for unlimited
1. total: complete, totalitarian
2. boundless: infinite, limitless, vast, extensive, endless, unconstrained, unrestrained