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English English - Definition of unlovely 
Spanish English To Spanish - unlovely 
Ex: The article 'Lovely idea, but unlovely pricing' criticizes the pricing level of a new service aimed at research scientists in the pharmaceutical, chemical, and biotechnology companies.
French English To French - unlovely 
unlovely [Hn'lHvlN] adj (person) sans charme; (sight) désagréable.
German English To German - unlovely 
adj. unschön, abstoßend, garstig, unliebenswert
Italian English To Italian - unlovely 
Portuguese English To Portuguese - unlovely 
antipático, desagradável
Russian English To Russian - unlovely 
прил. непривлекательный, противный, неприятный
Turkish English To Turkish - unlovely 
s. sevimsiz, itici, çirkin
Albanian English To Albanian - unlovely 
adj. antipatik
Dutch English To Dutch - unlovely 
bn. onbeminnelijk
Greek English To Greek - unlovely 
επίθ. άχαρις, άσχημος
ChineseS English To ChineseS - unlovely 
adj.adv. ①无刺激性的,没有魅力的。无吸引力的 ②淡而无味的,乏味的。
Korean English To Korean - unlovely 
형. 사랑스럽지 않은
adjective: used of circumstances Example:An unlovely ride to work on a crowded train.
adjective: without beauty or charm


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