Definition of unmentionables Pronunciation
1. Undergarments, underwear, drawers
2. Breeches, trousers
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English - English - unmentionables Pronunciation
[unmentionable] n. something that cannot be said, something that cannot be mentioned
English - Spanish - unmentionables Pronunciation
[unmentionable] s. Inmencionable
English - French - unmentionables Pronunciation
n. sous vÊTements, dessous
English - German - unmentionables Pronunciation
[unmentionable] n. nicht zu erwähnen
English - Italian - unmentionables Pronunciation
[unmentionable] s. cosa innominabile
English - Portuguese - unmentionables Pronunciation
[unmentionable] s. coisa que é proibido mencionar
English - Russian - unmentionables Pronunciation
с. брюки, штаны
English - Turkish - unmentionables Pronunciation
i. iç çamaşırları
English - Dutch - unmentionables Pronunciation
[unmentionable] zn. niet op te merken
English - Greek - unmentionables Pronunciation
κάτι που μελετάται, κάτι που δεν προφέρεται, αμελέτητος
English - Chinese - unmentionables Pronunciation
[unmentionable] (名) 不堪出口之物, 裤子, 内衣
English - Chinese - unmentionables Pronunciation
[unmentionable] (名) 不堪出口之物, 褲子, 內衣
English - Japanese - unmentionables Pronunciation
[unmentionable] (名) 口に出せないこと
English - Korean - unmentionables Pronunciation
명. 말해서는 안 되는 것

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