Definition of unmixed Pronunciation
1. Not constituting a compound.
2. Not mixed with extraneous elements.
Not an unmixed blessing.
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English - English - unmixed Pronunciation
adj. not jumbled, not mixed
English - Spanish - unmixed Pronunciation
adj. puro, castizo, inadulterado, no mezclado, sin mezcla
English - French - unmixed Pronunciation
adj. non-mélangé, inimpliqué, non-mêlé
English - German - unmixed Pronunciation
adj. nicht gemischt, unvermischt
English - Italian - unmixed Pronunciation
agg. genuino, puro, non mescolato, schietto; (fig) perfetto, totale
English - Portuguese - unmixed Pronunciation
adj. sem mistura
English - Romanian - unmixed Pronunciation
a. neamestecat, pur
English - Russian - unmixed Pronunciation
прил. чистый
English - Turkish - unmixed Pronunciation
s. karışmamış, katışıksız, saf, sade
English - Dutch - unmixed Pronunciation
bn. ongemengd
English - Greek - unmixed Pronunciation
επίθ. αμιγής
English - Arabic - unmixed Pronunciation
‏خالص، محض‏
English - Chinese - unmixed Pronunciation
(形) 未搀杂的, 纯粹的
English - Chinese - unmixed Pronunciation
(形) 未攙雜的, 純粹的
English - Japanese - unmixed Pronunciation
(形) まざりもののない
English - Korean - unmixed Pronunciation
형. 뒤섞이지 않은

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Synonyms for unmixed
pure: unalloyed, stark, sheer, unadulterated, absolute, unqualified, decided