Definition of unplanned Pronunciation
1. Not done with purpose or intent.
2. Without apparent forethought or prompting or planning.
An unplanned economy.
Accepts an unplanned order.
An unplanned pregnancy.
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English - English - unplanned Pronunciation
adj. not planned, spontaneous
English - Spanish - unplanned Pronunciation
adj. imprevisto
English - French - unplanned Pronunciation
adj. imprévu; non prévu
English - German - unplanned Pronunciation
adj. ungeplant
English - Italian - unplanned Pronunciation
agg. non progettato, non pianificato; casuale, accidentale, fortuito
English - Portuguese - unplanned Pronunciation
adj. não planejado
English - Russian - unplanned Pronunciation
внеплановый; незапланированный
English - Turkish - unplanned Pronunciation
s. plansız
English - Ukrainian - unplanned Pronunciation
a. неплановий
English - Dutch - unplanned Pronunciation
bn. niet gepland
English - Greek - unplanned Pronunciation
επίθ. ασχεδίαστος
English - Chinese - unplanned Pronunciation
(形) 无计划的
English - Chinese - unplanned Pronunciation
(形) 無計劃的
English - Japanese - unplanned Pronunciation
(形) 計画されていない
English - Korean - unplanned Pronunciation
형. 계획되지 않은, 충동적으로

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