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English English - Definition of unpretentious 
adj. not pretentious, not overblown
Spanish English To Spanish - unpretentious 
adj. humilde, modesto, poco pretencioso, sin pretensiones
French English To French - unpretentious 
adj. non-prétentieux
German English To German - unpretentious 
adj. anspruchslos; nicht anmaßend
Italian English To Italian - unpretentious 
agg. senza pretese
Portuguese English To Portuguese - unpretentious 
adj. despretencioso
Russian English To Russian - unpretentious 
прил. без претензий, простой, скромный, неприхотливый
Turkish English To Turkish - unpretentious 
s. iddiasız, gösterişsiz, mütevazi, alçakgönüllü
Albanian English To Albanian - unpretentious 
adj. thjeshtë: i thjeshtë, modest
Dutch English To Dutch - unpretentious 
bn. bescheiden, zonder pretenties
Greek English To Greek - unpretentious 
επίθ. ταπεινός
ChineseS English To ChineseS - unpretentious 
(形) 不骄傲的, 谦逊的
ChineseT English To ChineseT - unpretentious 
(形) 不驕傲的, 謙遜的
Japanese English To Japanese - unpretentious 
(形) もったいぶらない
Korean English To Korean - unpretentious 
형. ...인체하지 않는, 가장하지 않는
adjective: lacking pretension or affectation Example:An unpretentious country church.
adjective: not ostentatious
adjective: exhibiting restrained good taste


 Synonyms for unpretentious
humble: becoming, decent, moderate, proper, modest, retiring, unassuming

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