Definition of unqualified Pronunciation
1. Not qualified, ineligible, unfit for a position or task.
His lack of a high school diploma renders him unqualified for the job.
2. Not elaborated upon, undescribed.
Her cooking ability, while mentioned, was unqualified by her.
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English - English - unqualified Pronunciation
adj. not qualified, incompetent, unfit; unconditional, absolute
English - Spanish - unqualified Pronunciation
adj. incompetente, descalificado, inelegible, no calificado
English - French - unqualified Pronunciation
adj. non qualifié, incompétent
English - German - unqualified Pronunciation
adj. unqualifiziert; unbegrenzt
English - Italian - unqualified Pronunciation
agg. non qualificato, incompetente; che non ha i requisiti necessari; incondizionato, illimitato, assoluto, pieno, senza riserve; (fam) perfetto, vero e proprio, bell'e buono
English - Portuguese - unqualified Pronunciation
adj. não qualificado, inadequado
English - Russian - unqualified Pronunciation
прил. неквалифицированный, не имеющий соответствующей подготовки, негодный, неподходящий; безоговорочный; неограниченный; явный, ярко выраженный
English - Turkish - unqualified Pronunciation
s. yetersiz, vasıfsız, ehliyetsiz, diplomasız, şartsız, koşulsuz, mutlâk
English - Dutch - unqualified Pronunciation
bn. onbevoegd
English - Greek - unqualified Pronunciation
επίθ. απεριόριστος, μη έχων τα προσόντα, απόλυτος, χωρίς τα προσόντα
English - Chinese - unqualified Pronunciation
(形) 不合格的, 不适任的, 无资格的
English - Chinese - unqualified Pronunciation
(形) 不合格的, 不適任的, 無資格的
English - Japanese - unqualified Pronunciation
(形) 資格のない, 不適当な; まったくの
English - Korean - unqualified Pronunciation
형. 자격이 없는, 부적격의; 무조건의, 제한 없는

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