Definition of unrehearsed Pronunciation
1. With little or no preparation or forethought.
A few unrehearsed comments.
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English - English - unrehearsed Pronunciation
adj. not prepared with rehearsals, not practiced
English - Spanish - unrehearsed Pronunciation
adj. sin preparación previa, espontáneo, improvisado, no planeado
English - French - unrehearsed Pronunciation
adj. sans répétition
English - German - unrehearsed Pronunciation
adj. nicht geprobt, ungeprobt; ohne das eine Probe durchgeführt wurde
English - Indonesian - unrehearsed Pronunciation
a. persiapan: tanpa latihan persiapan
English - Italian - unrehearsed Pronunciation
agg. (Teat) che non è stato provato, di cui non sono state fatte prove; (estens) imprevisto, inaspettato; improvvisato, non preparato, spontaneo
English - Portuguese - unrehearsed Pronunciation
adj. não ensaiado, sem preparação prévia
English - Russian - unrehearsed Pronunciation
прил. неожиданный, непредвиденный, неотрепетированный
English - Turkish - unrehearsed Pronunciation
s. provasız, doğaçtan, hazırlıksız
English - Dutch - unrehearsed Pronunciation
bn. zonder repetitie, niet herhaald
English - Chinese - unrehearsed Pronunciation
(形) 未经排练的
English - Chinese - unrehearsed Pronunciation
(形) 未經排練的
English - Hindi - unrehearsed Pronunciation
a. रिहर्सल नहीं किया
English - Japanese - unrehearsed Pronunciation
(形) 語られていない; 下稽古をしない
English - Korean - unrehearsed Pronunciation
형. 연습되지 않은, 예행연습하지 않은

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