Definition of unrestrained Pronunciation
1. Immoderate; not restrained or held in check
The party was a scene of unrestrained debauchery.
2. Spontaneous, natural and informal; unconstrained
Their meeting was one of unrestrained joy.
3. Not subject to physical restraint.
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English - English - unrestrained Pronunciation
adj. unchecked, uncontrolled, unbridled, uninhibited
English - Spanish - unrestrained Pronunciation
adj. incontenible, desenfrenado, irreprimido, irrestricto, no contenido
English - French - unrestrained Pronunciation
adj. non réprimé, effréné; immodéré; illimité
English - German - unrestrained Pronunciation
adj. zügellos, uneingeschränkt
English - Italian - unrestrained Pronunciation
agg. non represso, libero, senza freno, sfrenato
English - Portuguese - unrestrained Pronunciation
adj. sem rédeas, irrefreável
English - Russian - unrestrained Pronunciation
прил. несдержанный, необузданный, непринужденный
English - Turkish - unrestrained Pronunciation
s. frenlenmemiş, kontrolsüz, serbest
English - Dutch - unrestrained Pronunciation
bn. ongeremd, onbegrensd
English - Greek - unrestrained Pronunciation
επίθ. ακράτητος, ασυγκράτητος, ελεύθερος
English - Chinese - unrestrained Pronunciation
(形) 没有抑制的, 放纵的, 无限制的
English - Chinese - unrestrained Pronunciation
(形) 沒有抑制的, 放縱的, 無限制的
English - Japanese - unrestrained Pronunciation
(形) 抑えられない; 遠慮のない
English - Korean - unrestrained Pronunciation
형. 억제되지 않은, 통제되지 않은, 제한없는

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Synonyms for unrestrained
free: released, loose, unrestricted, unattached, unconfined, escaped, unbound