Definition of unstop Pronunciation
1. To remove a stoppage; to clear a blockage.
I was able to unstop the clogged toilet by using a plunger.
2. To unplug or uncork a container.
I unstopped a bottle of wine to celebrate.
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English - English - unstop Pronunciation
v. open, remove blockage
English - Spanish - unstop Pronunciation
v. destaponar
English - French - unstop Pronunciation
v. déboucher
English - German - unstop Pronunciation
v. aufmachen, aufdrehen, Verstopfung öffnen o. auflösen
English - Italian - unstop Pronunciation
v. stappare, sturare; stasare, disintasare
English - Polish - unstop Pronunciation
v. odetkać, rozplombować ząb
English - Portuguese - unstop Pronunciation
v. abrir, desentupir
English - Romanian - unstop Pronunciation
v. deschide
English - Russian - unstop Pronunciation
г. прочищать, откупоривать
English - Turkish - unstop Pronunciation
f. tıpasını çıkarmak, açmak, tıkanmış yeri açmak
English - Ukrainian - unstop Pronunciation
v. перешкода: усувати перешкоди, пломба: видаляти пломбу, відкупорювати
English - Dutch - unstop Pronunciation
ww. openen, ontkurken
English - Greek - unstop Pronunciation
ρήμ. ξεβουλώνω
English - Arabic - unstop Pronunciation
‏نزع السدادة‏
English - Hindi - unstop Pronunciation
v. आगे बढ़ाना, जारी रखना
English - Japanese - unstop Pronunciation
(動) 栓を抜く; 障害物を除く
English - Korean - unstop Pronunciation
동. ...의 마개를 뽑다, ...의 마개를 따다
English - Vietnamese - unstop Pronunciation
v. tháo nút, rút nút

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Dictionary Extension
Verb forms for unstop
Present participle: unstopping
Present: unstop (3.person: unstops)
Past: unstopped
Future: will unstop
Present conditional: would unstop
Present Perfect: have unstopped (3.person: has unstopped)
Past Perfect: had unstopped
Future Perfect: will have unstopped
Past conditional: would have unstopped