English - Spanish - uprise Pronunciation
v. insurreccionar, sublevar, levantarse
English - German - uprise Pronunciation
English - Italian - uprise Pronunciation
English - Portuguese - uprise Pronunciation
s. ascensão (f), elevação (f), nascimento (m), rampa, subida (f)
v. ascender, subir
English - Russian - uprise Pronunciation
прил. восходящий
г. подниматься, восставать
с. восход, появление, подъем, восстание
English - Turkish - uprise Pronunciation
daha yukari çikarma
English - Albanian - uprise Pronunciation
n. ngritje, ngritur: e ngritur, përpjetë: e përpjetë
adj. ngritur: i ngritur
English - Dutch - uprise Pronunciation
zn. opgang
ww. omhooggaan
English - Chinese - uprise Pronunciation
n. 暲 (zhang1)
v. 升起 (sheng1 qı3), 暲 (zhang1)
English - Chinese - uprise Pronunciation
n. 暲 (zhang1)
v. 升起 (sheng1 qı3), 暲 (zhang1)
English - Korean - uprise Pronunciation
동. 일어서다, 떠오르다, 오르막길이 되다, 높아지다, 폭동을 일으키다, 반란을 일으키다
명. 해돋이, 치받이, 발생, 오르막
verb: ascend as a sound
verb: rise up as in fear Example:It was a sight to make one's hair uprise!.
verb: return from the dead Example:The dead are to uprise.
verb: come up, of celestial bodies
verb: rise to one's feet
verb: get up and out of bed
verb: come into existence; take on form or shape
verb: move upward
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Verb forms for uprise
Present participle: uprising
Present: uprise (3.person: uprises)
Past: uprose
Future: will uprise
Present conditional: would uprise
Present Perfect: have uprisen (3.person: has uprisen)
Past Perfect: had uprisen
Future Perfect: will have uprisen
Past conditional: would have uprisen