Definition of vacuum gauge Pronunciation
1. An instrument that is used to measure very low pressures of gases
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English - Spanish - vacuum gauge Pronunciation
manómetro de vacío, indicador de vacío, manómetro, vacuómetro, medidor de vacío
English - French - vacuum gauge Pronunciation
jauge de vide, vacuomètre, dépressiomètre, Indicateur de vide, indicateur du vide, déprimomètre
English - German - vacuum gauge Pronunciation
Vakuummeter, Vakuummesser, Unterdruckmesser, Unterdruckmanometer, Vakuummessgerät, Unterdruckanzeige, Unterdruckmessgerät
English - Portuguese - vacuum gauge Pronunciation
s. instrumento para medir o vácuo (m)
English - Russian - vacuum gauge Pronunciation
English - Turkish - vacuum gauge Pronunciation
vakum monometresi
English - Dutch - vacuum gauge Pronunciation
English - Korean - vacuum gauge Pronunciation

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