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English French To English - vantard 
adj. boastful, strutting, swaggering
Dutch French To Dutch - vantard 
1. (conduite) opschepperig; opsnijderig; protsig; dikdoenerig
2. (personne - homme) vent van niks
3. (conduite - homme) blaaskaak (m); opsnijder (m); snoever (m); opschepper (m); verwaande kwast (m); pocher (m); branieschopper (m); praatjesmaker (m); druktemaker (m); drukteschopper (m); lawaaimaker (m)
German French To German - vantard 
n. prahler
adj. großspurig
Italian French To Italian - vantard 
1. (conduite) vanaglorioso; millantatore
2. (personne - homme) fanfarone (m)
3. (conduite - homme) smargiasso (m); spaccone (m); millantatore (m); fanfarone (m); presuntuoso (m); borioso (m)
Portuguese French To Portuguese - vantard 
1. (conduite) jactancioso; gabola; gabão; fanfarrão; presunçoso; garganta {slang}; Lat. Amer.
2. (personne - homme) fanfarrão (m); garganta (m)
3. (conduite - homme) convencido (m); metido (m); gabão (m); presunçoso (m); pretencioso (m); sabichão (m) {informal}; sabe-tudo (m) {informal}; sabão (m) (informal; Lat. Amer.); fanfarrão (m); garganta (m) {slang}
Russian French To Russian - vantard 
n. хвастун (m)
a. хвастливый, кичливый
Spanish French To Spanish - vantard 
1. (conduite) jactancioso; presumido; fanfarrón
2. (personne - homme) fanfarrón (m)
3. (conduite - homme) fanfarrón (m); jactancioso (m); presumido (m); orgulloso (m); engreído (m)
Turkish French To Turkish - vantard 


 Synonyms for vantard
1. hâbleur: bluffeur, fanfaron, rodomont
2. bluffeur: fanfaron, hâbleur, gascon

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