Definition of varied Pronunciation
1. Broken away from sameness or identity or duplication.
Her quickly varied answers indicated uncertainty.
2. Widely different.
Varied motives prompt people to join a political party.
Varied ethnic traditions of the immigrants.
3. Characterized by variety.
Immigrants' varied ethnic and religious traditions.
His work is interesting and varied.
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English - English - varied Pronunciation
adj. different, diverse; of different kinds; changing
English - Spanish - varied Pronunciation
adj. variado, vario
English - French - varied Pronunciation
adj. varié, divers
English - German - varied Pronunciation
[vary] v. ändern, sich verändern; variieren, austauschen
adj. anders, verschieden, unterschiedlich, verschiedenartig
English - Italian - varied Pronunciation
agg. svariato, vario, diverso, differente; mutevole, movimentato, pieno di varietà, mutato, cambiato; variegato, screziato
English - Portuguese - varied Pronunciation
adj. variado, sortido, diverso
English - Russian - varied Pronunciation
прил. различный, разный, разнообразный, дифференцированный
English - Turkish - varied Pronunciation
s. çeşitli, türlü, farklı, değişik
English - Dutch - varied Pronunciation
bn. verschillend, diversen, veelsoortig, veranderend
English - Greek - varied Pronunciation
επίθ. ποικίλος, διάφορος
English - Chinese - varied Pronunciation
(形) 不同的, 各式各样的
English - Chinese - varied Pronunciation
(形) 不同的, 各式各樣的
English - Japanese - varied Pronunciation
(形) さまざまの; 変化に富んだ
(動) 変わる; 変化する; 異なる
English - Korean - varied Pronunciation
형. 여러 가지의, 변화 있는, 다양한; 변화 하는

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Synonyms for varied
assorted: indiscriminate, mixed, variegated, motley, heterogeneous