adv. uprightly, perpendicularly
English - Spanish - vertically Pronunciation
adv. verticalmente
English - French - vertically Pronunciation
adv. verticalement, à la verticale
English - German - vertically Pronunciation
adv. vertikal
English - Italian - vertically Pronunciation
avv. verticalmente, a perpendicolo
English - Portuguese - vertically Pronunciation
adv. verticalmente
English - Russian - vertically Pronunciation
English - Turkish - vertically Pronunciation
zf. dikine
English - Albanian - vertically Pronunciation
adv. vertikalisht, pingulthi
English - Dutch - vertically Pronunciation
bw. verticaal
English - Greek - vertically Pronunciation
επίρ. κάθετα
English - Chinese - vertically Pronunciation
(副) 垂直地
English - Chinese - vertically Pronunciation
(副) 垂直地
English - Japanese - vertically Pronunciation
(副) 垂直に
English - Korean - vertically Pronunciation
부. 수직적으로, 직립적으로
adverb: in a vertical direction Example:A gallery quite often is added to make use of space vertically as well as horizontally.
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Synonyms for vertically
plumb: squarely, straight, uprightly