German - English - vertrauenswürdig Pronunciation
adv. trustworthily, in a manner worthy of trust, with reliability, dependably
German - Spanish - vertrauenswürdig Pronunciation
adj. digno de confianza, confianza: de confianza, recomendable
German - French - vertrauenswürdig Pronunciation
adj. digne de confiance, fiable
German - Italian - vertrauenswürdig Pronunciation
adj. fidato
German - Russian - vertrauenswürdig Pronunciation
adj. доверие: заслуживающий доверия, достойный доверия
German - Turkish - vertrauenswürdig Pronunciation
s. güven verici
German - Chinese - vertrauenswürdig Pronunciation
adj. adv. 可靠的。可信赖的。值得信赖的。

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