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Proper Noun
1. The war that occurred in Vietnam, Laos, and Cambodia between 1955 and 1975 between South Vietnam (backed by the United States and SEATO) and North Vietnam aiding the South Vietnamese communist guerilla army known as the Vietcong (supported by the People's Republic of China and the Soviet Union) for the struggle for total Communist control of Vietnam as one state.
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English - English - vietnam war Pronunciation
n. war between northern Communist Vietnam and the allied U.S.-southern Vietnam (1954-1975)
English - Spanish - vietnam war Pronunciation
s. la Guerra de Vietnam (guerra entre Vietnam del Norte comunista y Vietnam del Sur y EEUU en 1954-1975)
English - French - vietnam war Pronunciation
n. la guerre du Vietnam (guerre entre le Vietnam du nord communiste et le Vietnam de ouest américain (1954-1975))
English - German - vietnam war Pronunciation
n. der Vietnamkrieg, amerikanische Einmischung und Verwicklung im ehemaligen Südvietnam gegen das ehemalige Nordvietnam von 1964-1975
English - Italian - vietnam war Pronunciation
s. guerra del Vietnam, guerra tra il Vietnam del nord comunista ed il Vietnam del sud con i suoi alleati statunitensi (1954-75)
English - Portuguese - vietnam war Pronunciation
s. a Guerra do Vietnã (a guerra entre o Vietnã do Norte (comunista) e o Vietnã do Sul com o apoio dos Estados Unidos (1954-1975) )
English - Dutch - vietnam war Pronunciation
zn. de Vietnamese oorlog (de oorlog tussen het communistische noord-Vietnam en zuid-Vietnam samen met de USA - 1954-1975)
English - Chinese - vietnam war Pronunciation
n. 越南战争 (yue4 nan2 zhan4 zheng1)
English - Chinese - vietnam war Pronunciation
n. 越南戰爭 (yue4 nan2 zhan4 zheng1)
English - Japanese - vietnam war Pronunciation
(名) ベトナム戦争, 北部共産主義ベトナムと米国の南ベトナム連合軍との間の戦争 (1954-75年)

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