Spanish - English - vigile Pronunciation
[vigilar] v. look after, watch after, supervise over; patrol; guard; follow, trail
French - English - vigile Pronunciation
(f) n. vigil, period of wakefulness during the night (particularly for the purpose of watching or guarding); time of prayer on the eve of a religious holiday
Italian - English - vigile Pronunciation
adj. vigilant, watchful, wakeful, heedful, observant, alert
French - German - vigile Pronunciation
n. wache, wachmann
French - Turkish - vigile Pronunciation
[le] gece bekçisi
Italian - French - vigile Pronunciation
1. (pericolo) vigilant; sur ses gardes; alerte; en éveil
2. (attento) attentif; observateur; attentif à; soigneux
Italian - German - vigile Pronunciation
n. schutzmann, verkehrspolizist

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