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English French To English - visite 
(f) n. visit, tour, call, round
English German To English - visite 
(die) n. visit, call; round; inspection
English Spanish To English - visite 
[visitar] v. visit, stay somewhere temporarily; spend time with a person or group of people
English Dutch To English - visite 
n. company
French Dutch To French - visite 
(sociaal gedrag) visite (f)
Dutch French To Dutch - visite 
1. (comportement social) bezoek (n); visite (m/f)
2. (homme) bezoeker (m)
3. (femme) bezoekster (f) 4. (médecine) ziekenbezoek (n)
German French To German - visite 
n. visite, visitation, besichtigung, durchsuchung, besuch
Italian French To Italian - visite 
1. (comportement social) visita (f)
2. (homme) visita (f); visitatore (m)
3. (femme) visita (f); visitatrice (f) 4. (médecine) visita a un ammalato
Portuguese French To Portuguese - visite 
1. (comportement social) visita (f)
2. (homme) visita (f); visitante (m)
3. (femme) visita (f); visitante (f) 4. (médecine) visita médica
Russian French To Russian - visite 
n. визит (f), посещение (f), заход куда-л. (f), освидетельствование (f), экскурсия (f), обыск (f)
Spanish French To Spanish - visite 
1. (comportement social) visita (f)
2. (homme) visitante (m); visita (f)
3. (femme) visitante (f); visita (f) 4. (médecine) visita a domicilio
Turkish French To Turkish - visite 
[la] yoklama, ziyaret; ziyaretçi; vizite; yoklama gezisi
French German To French - visite 
n. visite (f)
Italian German To Italian - visite 
n. visita (f)
Russian German To Russian - visite 
n. визит (f)
Spanish German To Spanish - visite 
n. visita (f)
Turkish German To Turkish - visite 
i. kısa ziyaret (f)
French Italian To French - visite 
(ospiti) visites (fp); invités (mp)


 Synonyms for visite
1. ronde: descente, perquisition
2. entrevue: rencontre, audience, réception, démarche, tête-à-tête
3. inspection: fouille, contrôle, examen, expertise
4. arraisonnement:
5. excursion: tour, tournée, voyage
6. consultation:
7. visiteur:

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