Definition of vitrification Pronunciation
1. A process of converting a material into a glass-like amorphous solid which is free of any crystalline structure, either by the quick removal or addition of heat, or by mixing with an additive.
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English - English - vitrification Pronunciation
n. turning into glass
n. vitrification, varnishing, glazing
English - Spanish - vitrification Pronunciation
s. vitrificación, vitrificado
English - French - vitrification Pronunciation
n. vitrification
English - German - vitrification Pronunciation
n. Verglasung, die Umwandlung in Glas
English - Italian - vitrification Pronunciation
s. vetrificazione (cambiamento in vetro)
English - Portuguese - vitrification Pronunciation
s. vitrificação
English - Russian - vitrification Pronunciation
с. превращение в стекло, превращение в стекловидное вещество
English - Turkish - vitrification Pronunciation
i. cam haline getirme, camlaştırma
English - Ukrainian - vitrification Pronunciation
n. зісклення
French - English - vitrification Pronunciation
(f) n. vitrification, varnishing, glazing
English - Dutch - vitrification Pronunciation
zn. verglazing
English - Greek - vitrification Pronunciation
ουσ. υαλοποίηση
French - Turkish - vitrification Pronunciation
[la] camlaştırma; cam cila sürme
English - Arabic - vitrification Pronunciation
English - Chinese - vitrification Pronunciation
(名) 变成玻璃状; 玻璃状之物; 玻璃化
English - Chinese - vitrification Pronunciation
(名) 變成玻璃狀; 玻璃狀之物; 玻璃化
English - Japanese - vitrification Pronunciation
(名) ガラス化

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