Definition of wage Pronunciation
1. An amount of money paid to a worker for a specified quantity of work, usually calculated on an hourly basis and expressed in an amount of money per hour.
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English - English - wage Pronunciation
n. salary, payment, earnings; just recompense (Literary)
v. engage in, conduct (war, battle)
v. venture, risk, dare, hazard
English - Spanish - wage Pronunciation
s. salario, gaje, jornal, paga, sueldo
v. empeñar; emprender; iniciar
English - French - wage Pronunciation
n. salaire; paie; récompense
v. faire la guerre
English - German - wage Pronunciation
n. Lohn, Verdienst; Entgelt
v. anordnen, führen (Krieg, Schlacht)
English - Italian - wage Pronunciation
s. salario, retribuzione, paga
v. intraprendere, iniziare, fare
English - Portuguese - wage Pronunciation
s. salário, soldo; recompensa
v. travar (guerra); ocorrer, durar
English - Russian - wage Pronunciation
с. заработная плата, зарплата, возмездие
г. вести войну, вести, проводить, бороться, платить жалование
English - Turkish - wage Pronunciation
f. sürdürmek, devam ettirmek, yürütmek
i. ücret, haftalık, maaş, yevmiye
English - Dutch - wage Pronunciation
zn. salaris, honorarium; vergoeding
ww. leiden, bevelen, bereiden
English - Greek - wage Pronunciation
ουσ. ημερομίσθιο, μισθός
ρήμ. επιχειρώ, διεξάγω
German - Turkish - wage Pronunciation
ücret, maaş, (savaş, mücadele, vb.) açmak, başlatmak, sürdürmek, maas, (savas, baslatmak
German - Dutch - wage Pronunciation
English - Chinese - wage Pronunciation
(名) 薪水, 代价, 报偿; 工资
(动) 开展, 进行
English - Chinese - wage Pronunciation
(名) 薪水, 代價, 報償; 工資
(動) 開展, 進行
English - Japanese - wage Pronunciation
(動) する(戦争, けんか)
(名) 賃金; 報い(文学)
English - Korean - wage Pronunciation
명. 임금, 월급; 보수 (문어)
동. 수행하다, 벌어지다

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Synonyms for wage
1. recompense: return, reward
2. earnings: pay, salary, stipend, allowance, fee, compensation, remuneration
3. conduct: engage in, undertake, pursue, carry on, fulfil
Verb forms for wage
Present participle: waging
Present: wage (3.person: wages)
Past: waged
Future: will wage
Present conditional: would wage
Present Perfect: have waged (3.person: has waged)
Past Perfect: had waged
Future Perfect: will have waged
Past conditional: would have waged