Definition of wastefulness Pronunciation
1. Useless or profitless activity; using or expending or consuming thoughtlessly or carelessly.
2. The trait of wasting resources.
The wastefulness of missed opportunities.
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English - English - wastefulness Pronunciation
n. squandering, immoderation
English - Spanish - wastefulness Pronunciation
s. despilfarro, derroche
English - French - wastefulness Pronunciation
n. prodigalité
English - German - wastefulness Pronunciation
n. Verschwendung, Leichtfertigkeit
English - Italian - wastefulness Pronunciation
s. spreco, sciupio; prodigalità
English - Portuguese - wastefulness Pronunciation
s. desperdício, esbanjamento
English - Russian - wastefulness Pronunciation
с. расточительность
English - Turkish - wastefulness Pronunciation
i. savurganlık, israf, müsriflik, tutumsuzluk
English - Dutch - wastefulness Pronunciation
zn. verkwisting, verspilling
English - Greek - wastefulness Pronunciation
ουσ. σπατάλη, ασωτεία
English - Chinese - wastefulness Pronunciation
(名) 浪费; 挥霍无度
English - Chinese - wastefulness Pronunciation
(名) 浪費; 揮霍無度
English - Japanese - wastefulness Pronunciation
(名) むだ; 浪費

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