Definition of wavelike Pronunciation
1. Having some properties or characteristics of a wave; used especially in physics of a particle
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English - English - wavelike Pronunciation
adj. similar to a wave, wavy, undulating
English - Spanish - wavelike Pronunciation
adj. semejante a una ola; semejante a una onda
English - French - wavelike Pronunciation
adj. comme une vague; ondulatoire
English - German - wavelike Pronunciation
adj. wellenartig, wellig
English - Italian - wavelike Pronunciation
agg. simile a onda
English - Portuguese - wavelike Pronunciation
adj. comparado com onda, ondulado
English - Dutch - wavelike Pronunciation
bn. golvend, golfachtig
English - Greek - wavelike Pronunciation
(Lex**) κυματοειδής
English - Arabic - wavelike Pronunciation
English - Chinese - wavelike Pronunciation
(形) 波浪般的; 波状的
English - Chinese - wavelike Pronunciation
(形) 波浪般的; 波狀的
English - Japanese - wavelike Pronunciation
(形) 波のような
English - Korean - wavelike Pronunciation
형. 물결같은, 물결치는

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