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English English - Definition of waxworks 
n. exhibition of wax figures or ornaments
Spanish English To Spanish - waxworks 
s. trabajos en cera, exhibición de figuras y ornamentos de cera
French English To French - waxworks 
n. exposition de personnages en cire
German English To German - waxworks 
[waxwork] n. Wachsfigur
n. Ausstellung von Wachsfiguren
Italian English To Italian - waxworks 
[waxwork] s. cera, statua di cera; tecnica della modellatura in cera
Portuguese English To Portuguese - waxworks 
s. exibição de trabalhos em cera e ornamentos de cera
Russian English To Russian - waxworks 
с. паноптикум
Turkish English To Turkish - waxworks 
i. balmumu heykeleri müzesi
Dutch English To Dutch - waxworks 
zn. tentoonstelling van wassenbeelden of decoraties
Greek English To Greek - waxworks 
[waxwork] ουσ. κήρινα είδη, κέρινο ομοίωμα
ChineseS English To ChineseS - waxworks 
[waxwork] (名) 蜡制品, 蜡像
ChineseT English To ChineseT - waxworks 
[waxwork] (名) 蠟製品, 蠟像
Japanese English To Japanese - waxworks 
[waxwork] (名) ろう細工(特に有名人などの); ろう人形; ろう人形館
Korean English To Korean - waxworks 
명. 밀랍 세공품의 진열, 밀랍 세공품의 진열 실관
(n.) An exhibition of wax figures, or the place of exhibition.


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