n. feebleness; drawback, disadvantage; defect; foible
English - Spanish - weakness Pronunciation
s. debilidad, desfallecimiento, desmadejamiento, encanijamiento, endeblez, flaqueza, impotencia, poca fuerza, vulnerabilidad; punto débil; flojera, blandenguería
English - French - weakness Pronunciation
n. faiblesse, manque; défaut; point faible
English - German - weakness Pronunciation
n. Schwäche
English - Italian - weakness Pronunciation
s. debolezza, fiacchezza; punto debole, difetto; inclinazione
English - Portuguese - weakness Pronunciation
s. fraqueza; o ponto fraco; defeito; falha
English - Russian - weakness Pronunciation
с. слабость, бессилие; пристрастие; вялость; неубедительность, необоснованность, безосновательность; слабое место, недостаток; склонность; адинамия [мед.], отставание, отсталость
English - Turkish - weakness Pronunciation
i. kuvvetsizlik, zayıflık, güçsüzlük, cansızlık, dayanıksızlık, halsizlik, zaaf, hasta oluş, zayıf taraf
English - Albanian - weakness Pronunciation
n. dobësi, metë: e metë, pafuqi, ligështi, molisje
English - Dutch - weakness Pronunciation
zn. zwakte; zwak punt; defekt
English - Greek - weakness Pronunciation
ουσ. αδυναμία, ατονία
English - Chinese - weakness Pronunciation
(名) 虚弱, 弱点, 薄弱
English - Chinese - weakness Pronunciation
(名) 虛弱, 弱點, 薄弱
English - Japanese - weakness Pronunciation
(名) 弱さ, 弱々しさ, か弱さ; 不十分さ; 虚弱; 弱点; 大好きなこと
English - Korean - weakness Pronunciation
명. 약함; 결점, 약점; 결함
noun: the property of lacking physical or mental strength; liability to failure under pressure or stress or strain Example:His weakness increased as he became older.
noun: a penchant for something even though it might not be good for you Example:He has a weakness for chocolate.
noun: the condition of being financially weak Example:The weakness of the dollar against the yen.
noun: powerlessness revealed by an inability to act Example:In spite of their weakness the group remains highly active.

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Synonyms for weakness
1. feebleness: frailty, fragility, infirmity, invalidity, senility
2. defect: flaw, fault, deficiency, failing
3. inclination: tendency, bent, liking, tenderness